Farm Fresh Reno

Finding Farm Fresh options in Northern Nevada!

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Hello and welcome

We are learning and growing right along with you.

The best thing about a local or regional farming community is you get to help people just like yourself learn and grow. We’ll help you find out better practices and in some cases new ways of helping local economies thrive.

About Us

Farm Fresh Reno offers local and regional views of farms and chefs willing to look into helping the local community. Local people like Lily Baran at Hampton House and local farms like Girlfarm, with your Wee Farmer and Professor Farmer, are here to help get you started with backyard farming or find a family box including locally grown and sourced foods.

How Are You Helping?

Nutrition Benefits

Some of the benefits of regional eating, other than economic!

Benefits of Regionality

Find some of the benefits are knowing where your food is grown!

Regional Farmers

Getting to know some of the farms in and around the Truckee Meadows.

You should also know…

In addition to the supporting local economy, you’re also giving back to the thousands of people whose living is made growing, planning, supplying and serving both local and regional foods.

Imagine stripping your meals of one day of meat and increasing locally sourced fruits and vegetables. It makes a world of difference!

Contact Us

Do you have a local event? Need a way to distribute some materials? Need someone to help move dirt? Let us know, we’re always here to help!